Portable Marking Machine

Portable Marking Machine

Product Details


1. Features: excellent beam quality, suitable for fine, fine marking

2, the volume of delicate, transfer convenience, complete portability

3, laser output efficiency is stable, high equipment reliability

4, high efficiency, low energy consumption, saving the cost of use

5, independent intellectual property rights of the operation of software, easy to operate, powerful function

Applicable industries:

Applicable to a variety of metals, metal oxides, glass, plastics, etc., used in bearings, chips, mobile phones, keys, clocks, electrical panels, u Disk, things, fine instruments, jewelry, metal plumbing, building materials, auto parts and so on. In addition to portable marking machines, there are many more types of the company, such as:Flight Marking Machine, laser marking machine and so on, you are welcome to come to the detailed consultation.

Function Features:

1. A variety of metal, non-metallic materials can be processed. In particular, the high hardness, high melting point, brittle materials for the symbol more advantages.

2. Attributed to non-contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, good symbol quality.

3. Laser beam fine, processing material consumption is very small, processing heat impact zone is small.

4. High processing efficiency, choice of computer control, easy to complete automation