Handheld Laser Marking machine

Handheld Laser Marking machine

Product Details

Handheld laser marking machine delicate flexible, marking head is like a hairdryer size, holding the header for symbolic work is very convenient, not limited by space. The machine "very few, helpful", with optical fiber laser marking machine high speed, high quality, cost-effective. If you want to learn more about marking machines, such as:Metal Marking MachineNameplate Marking MachineWait, welcome to call for detailed consultation.

Features of hand-held laser marking machine

1. Using pulsed fiber laser, in the case of pulse width less than 30ns, output up to 25kW peak power, with close diffraction limit of high beam quality M2<>

2. The laser's all-fiber structure design ensures the high reliability of the laser without the need for collimation adjustment of any optical element.

3. The integrated design of the system makes it easier for customers to use and provides the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

4. Long service life, volume delicate, no need for a huge water cooling system, just a simple air cooling can be. It can also work properly in harsh environments such as shock, vibration, high temperature or dust.

5. Processing speed is 2-3 times the traditional laser marking machine, outstanding beam quality, small spot, the marking width is very narrow, suitable for fine symbols.

6. Low cost of use, save power and energy saving, the power of the whole machine only 500W. Compare lamp pump and semiconductor laser marking machine can save 230,000 yuan a year by electricity.

7. Integrated modular design, convenient repair, volume delicate. Save your valuable plant space

Widely used in electronic components, metal tools products, electrical products, consumer goods, 3C Electronics, craft gifts, fine equipment, wearing jewelry, medical equipment, high and low voltage electrical appliances, bathroom industry, battery industry, IT industry and other fields.