Small Laser Engraving machine

Small Laser Engraving machine

Product Details

Type 4060 LaserEngraving machineis an economical, practical model, high engraving accuracy, optional electric lifting platform

* Professional design of handicraft engraving machine, the selection of imported components, into the zui of new light, machine, electrical integration skills, beautiful

Practical, Outstanding Performance

* Easy to operate, support printers, scanners, compatible with TF International standard font and BMP, JPG and other documents. Powerful software, strong compatibility, support BMP, PLT, AL, DST, DXF and other file patterns

* With lifting platform, simple operation, a wide range of application, with scanning, winning (cutting) function, can punch, etc.

* is the preferred model for the production of various handicrafts

Suitable information: plexiglass, acrylic, PVC data, leather, rubber, plastics, wood products, paper products, stone products and other non-metallic materials

Applicable industries: Plexiglass, Rubber sheet, products, molds, templates, handicrafts, advertising decoration, paper products and other industries

Skill Parameters:

Laser Power: 40W/50w/60w/80w/100w

Cut Thickness: 0-15mm (due to material)

Engraving speed: 0-27000 (mm/min)

Cutting speed: 0-3600 (mm/min)

Zui Small Molded text: Chinese character/:1.8x1.8mm, Alphabet/0.8x0.8mm

Engraving machine split rate: 1000dpi

Power supply: AC220V,50HZ/60HZ

Positioning mode: Laser dot Positioning

Positioning accuracy: < 0.="">

Total Power: <>

Operating Temperature: 0-45 ℃

Operating Humidity: 5-95% (no condensate)

Shape Ruler す:107x75x67cm

Processing area: 400x600mm

Machine Component: 90KG