Small CNC Engraving Machine

Small CNC Engraving Machine

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Following the continuous development of industrial science and technology in China over the past few years, laserEngraving machinehas been widely used in many industries, especially in the process exhibition more prominent, has been vigorously developed and promoted. Laser plane marking and engraving technology combined in the production and processing has become a very good upward trend, the current market a variety of laser equipment have, can be divided into: laser marking, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser beauty, medical laser, laser spray code, laser welding and so on. It is a product that combines laser skills with computer software-controlled equipment, bringing a light to industrial production. Therefore, over the past few years, engaged in the development of laser equipment, production, manufacturing companies, but also more and more, including some domestic and foreign laser equipment companies are growing, it can be seen how dramatic its competition is. So how to choose a correct laser engraving machine?

First of all: the current market for the sale of laser engraving machine is divided into two categories: one is metal carving, another non-metallic carving, it is mainly composed of carbon dioxide laser tube, we choose machinery and equipment, the first thing to determine is what kind of industry they do, and their own needs to carve the specific content to choose the appropriate engraving machine.