Multifunctional engraving machine

Multifunctional engraving machine

Product Details

  Multifunctional engraving machine, with a rotating shaft, countertop with a sink, if necessary to the plate relief, flat carving, hollowed carving, rotating carving words, can choose this device. can also be carved marble, granite and other stone. Plane engraving is suitable for stereo wave plate processing, cabinet door, solid wood door, craft door, paint free door, screen, craft fan window processing, shoeshine machine, game cabinets and panels, Mahjong table, computer table and plate furniture products auxiliary processing. Rotating shaft engraving is suitable for the carving of square body and cylinder, such as hardwood, marble, white jade cylindrical handicraft carving processing.

Technical parameters:

Model: 1325 planar stereo integrated engraving machine

Positioning accuracy: ±0.2mm/1000mm

Table working size: 1300mm*2500mm

Z-axis Lifting height: 200mm

Spindle Power (optional): 2.2KW,3.5KW,5.5KW

Cooling mode: Water cooling, air cooling

Empty line speed: 20m/min

Machine Weight: 1000kg