Woodworking engraving Machine

Woodworking engraving Machine

Product Details

1325 Woodworking Engraving machine application range

Solid wood door, density plate, hard plastic, antique furniture, solid wood art number, rock painting, musical instruments three-dimensional surface, external solid wood door shape cut and so on. The machine is flexible, customizable machine can be customized according to their own needs of different models, processing materials and application range is widely used in a variety of industries to choose high-precision screws, fang gang oblique rack and horizontal table to make the machine stability strong. One thickening fuselage, high-quality accessories, greatly improve the service life.

Adapt to the industry:

Plate Furniture Industry

CNC Engraving machine can be carved density plate, solid board, synthetic board, multi-layer board, plaster, double color board, aluminum plate, hibiscus board, plexiglass, acrylic,

Art Mould Industry:

CNC Engraving machine can carve a variety of wood art rock painting, mold, pattern, type, car foam mold, etc.

  Advertising engraving MachineDecoration Industry:

CNC engraving machine suitable for dry cut hollow PVC, Acrylic, fron plate,

All kinds of advertising materials, cut face smooth without burr N bristles, simple and convenient operation, factory notice industry.

Woodworking Wooden Door Industry:

  Automatic CNC engraving MachineSuitable for home decoration, wood crafts, art models, arts plane engraving, solid wood furniture, art rock painting, density board paint free door, composite door screen relief carving cut, decorative jewelry processing, gift packaging, electrical countertops, sports

Three-dimensional surface and shape of industrial products cut.

1325 CNC Woodworking engraving machine

Bed body: housekeeping welding machine tool finishing

Zui Large Speed: 20M-min

Table Job Size: 1300mm*2500mm*200

Positioning accuracy: ±0.35mm/1000mm

Z-axis Lifting size: 200mm

Operation instruction: G code, F/S instruction compatibility

Cylindrical engraving (optional) 0-2000mm 10mm-50mm

Power supply Required: three-compartment 380V/50HZ or 220V/50HZ

Spindle type: Gao Shiheng power

Transmission system: XY Gantry Rack Double Drive

Dimensions approx.: Length 3000mm width 2000mm high 1600mm

Cooling method: Water cooling, air cooling

Fang (optional) Rack: 20 25 30 square-rail oblique tooth rack

Operating motor (optional): Stepper Hybrid Servo AC Pure servo

Main oil method (optional): Automatic oil injection System manual oil injection system