Crystal Inner Engraving Machine

Crystal Inner Engraving Machine

Product Details

Key Features

In crystal, glass and other transparent materials carved flat or three-dimensional pattern. Can be carved 2D/3D portraits, people's hands and feet printing, trophies and other personalized gift souvenirs, can also be mass-produced 2D/3D animals, plants, buildings, cars, ships, aircraft and other model products and 3D scene display.

Product Features:

1. Compact size: Choice of integrated design, small size, light weight

2.Engraving machineSimple operation: Friendly software interface, easy to learn, integrated automatic center function, operator easy to place Crystal

3. Adaptability: For the removable needs of the machine, the central components equipped with shockproof system, effectively prevent the equipment transportation, the use of accidental impact on the machine center components to form damage

4. Fast carving Speed: the use of vibration mirror laser high-speed scanning operation mode, speed Zui up to 180,000 points/min, Saving carving time

5. High stability, delicate carving effect: the selection of international advanced air-cooled semiconductor end pumped solid-state laser skills, good beam quality, high stability, carved out of the point of delicate action. Can work stably for a long time

6. Support multiple data formats: equipped with HOLY LASER dedicated software can support 3ds, dxf,obj,bmp,jpg and other flat and 3D format data, with good compatibility