Heavy Duty stone Engraving machine

Heavy Duty stone Engraving machine

Product Details

1325 CNC Heavy DutyStone Engraving Machine


1, three-axis selection of high-precision ball screw \ Imported Guide rail, to ensure the accuracy of the machine

2, the selection of high-subdivision stepper motor, fast ~ Low noise ~ Smooth Operation ~ cutting torque is large

3, the selection of acid untitled water-cooled high-power main motor, a small life of a long speed uniform

4, high-power ardent can be a knife cut 30mm acrylic plate (2, 2kw

5 Open Software Interface, can operate a variety of 3D engraving machine software, compatible with the engraving software, if you want to know more about the carving machine information, such asAcrylic engraving Machine, you can pay attention to our official website!

Technical parameters:

Shape scale/3100*2200*100mm

Table Work Scale: 1300mm*2500mm

Z-axis Lifting scale: 300mm

Cylindrical engraving (optional): 0-2000m 10mm-50mm

Spindle Power (optional): 5, 5KW 6, 5KW

Transmission system: X,Y Gantry Rack Double Drive

Positioning accuracy: ±0, 35mm/1000mm

Run instruction: G code F/S instruction compatibility

Power requirements: three-compartment 380V/50HZ

Shape scale approx.: Length 3100mm width 2200mm high 1600mm

Running Motor (optional): Stepper Hybrid Servo AC Pure servo

Applicable industries:

1) The machine suitable for diverse and complex product processing or a variety of processing, the use of broad, drilling, etc., mainly used for cutting and routing milling

2) Hydraulic industry: This machine suitable coffin sushi wooden door relief carving, but also to do three-dimensional wave plate processing, screen fan window processing, computer table and plate Home products auxiliary processing

3) can be processed jade marble granite artificial stone brick glass aluminum and other materials