You haven't used a laser disassembly machine yet, so you're out!
- 2019-02-20-

Since the early advent of Apple's fourth-generation product, iphone4, most handset makers, including domestic handsets, have opted for full-screen fitting technology. Despite the choice of such technology, the function and appearance of mobile phones have been greatly improved. But for how to increasingly easily and quickly separate the screen glass cover and screen frame this technical problem, has always plagued the vast majority of mobile phone repair peers. Separating the glass cover is not much said, so far is the choice of three separation methods, manual separator heating separation, semi-automatic separator separation and ultra-low temperature freeze separation. The first two separation methods are low cost, high damage rate, suitable for small-scale mobile phone screen repair peers. Low temperature freezing separation is suitable for larger mobile phone screen repair practitioners. Of course, each of these three methods has its own excellent defects.

And for the screen box and the battery back cover, we do not seem to have an increasingly advanced approach, throughout the selection of the removal of glue separation and heating separation. In addition to the glue separation method is a large defect is the motherboard and backlight simple intake. and the heating separation effect is not very ideal, because the mobile phone screen and back cover with the glue must be required to reach a very high temperature value or very low temperature value after the glue attack physical changes, in order to physically separate. We heat the time if the temperature is too high, it is very simple to the screen or mobile phone damage, the temperature is too low to reach the role, the box or glass bottom can not be removed.

So, is there no better way to separate the box or the back cover of the glass? The answer, of course, is no, just a few months ago, and I don't know who made it clear (it should have been discovered) that lasers have the characteristics of penetrating glass to melt glue, so we've used the machines originally used for laser marking to retrofitLaser Screen Disassembly machine, pass the quiz, and really achieve the role we want, not only greatly improve the work efficiency (even 20 seconds to disassemble a screen), but also useful to reduce the damage rate. And there is no need for any supplies, can be described as much in a swoop.

As Zui early engaged in mobile phone screen repair equipment manufacturers, of course, is also urgent users of the urgent, but also in di time according to the needs of screen disassembly box characteristics, through repeated repeated tests, finally developed di A to remove the screen frame and battery glass back cover of the CP-01 type of fiber-optic laser disassembly machine, The machine uses more advanced lasers and laser lenses in China. The fuselage selects the fully cast aluminum structure, and the air-cooled cooling method. The whole machine component is only about 30KG, especially suitable for mobile phone repair peer use.

If you know or have used a laser disassembly machine are known. In fact, laser disassembly technology, the quality and function of the machine itself is important, more important but the drawings. If not satisfied with the complete and accurate drawings, the latter is about to face more trouble. In response, Corfu also procured a large number of screen assemblies and mobile phone covers from the market, using 3D scanning technology, to control the size error within 0.001mm. Now the updated drawing library of the rover is simply covering the type of mobile phone on the market, and the follow-up is constantly increasing.

If you have a friend on the Laser Disassembly screen (box) technology can contact the Corfu Small editor or our related business and technical personnel, we are willing to share with you the mobile phone screen repair range Zui cutting-edge technical results.