Nanjing Corfu teaches you to properly install and use laser disassembly machines
- 2019-02-20-

      Laser Screen Disassembly machineSince entering the mobile phone repair mall, has caused a large wave of maintenance industry personnel popular, this new form of disassembly screen, but also to the practitioners have brought a great help. Because it is a brand-new form of disassembly machine, it is necessary to have the process of understanding the machine and the mastery of machine proficiency. In this regard, the small series in the laser disassembly machine for touch understanding, the laser disassembly machine to share the correct use of the method to us, hoping to help us quickly grasp the use of laser disassembly machine.

Installation of hardware and software

Hardware: The hardware aspect is relatively simple, the chassis behind there are two interfaces, respectively, USB cable interface and power interface, they are connected to the computer and power outlet.

Software: First install the USB driver, and then the laser disassembly machine computer operating software (CorelDRAW) installed on the computer, you will be able to use the machine.

Precautions when using

Beam: The laser disassembly machine has two kinds of beams, namely the red beam and the white beam. Laser disassembly machine white light laser beam, responsible for the accurate removal of the glue in the mobile phone screen, laser disassembly machine red beam function is positioning, auxiliary laser beam accurate positioning for disassembly operation.

Aggregation: Before using the laser disassembly machine, the demand for aggregation, that is, the operation of mirror focal length debugging, the laser beam in the positioning plane to form a uniform size of the concentrated mottled, you can carry out laser disassembly work.

Accuracy: Accuracy is critical in the process of using a laser disassembly machine. Before we make the drawings, we must first learn more about the structure of the box in the screen, where there is glue demand to hit the laser, where is the LCD glass and line, demand to avoid the beam, are required to measure in detail. And on the positioning mark, but also the demand to disassemble the phone screen accurately placed in the red light sketch area inside. If the measurement is not accurate enough, it is possible to break the screen line, perhaps still unable to remove the box.

Through the summary above, we hope to be able to help us understand some of the correct use of laser disassembly machine. It is also expected that the laser disassembly machine can add to the maintenance work of mobile phone maintenance people. If you have friends who are interested in laser disassembly technology can contact the prospect of Xing small or our relevant business and technical personnel, we are happy to share with you the mobile phone screen repair field Zui cutting-edge technical achievements.