What is the difference between automatic CNC engraving machine and CNC feeder
- 2019-02-20-

Automatic CNC engraving Machineis an intelligent engraving equipment, CNC opener is an intelligent plate furniture opening equipment. CNC opener and automatic CNC engraving machine in the function of overlapping parts, the opening machine is mainly used for plate furniture opening, punching, pulling groove, milling edge, carving and other functions, and engraving machine is mainly used for plate or three-dimensional parts of the relief, hollowed carving, three-dimensional carving and other functions. Other from the price point of view, the price of the opener is higher than the automatic CNC engraving machine Many, the factors affecting the price are mainly manifested in the different equipment and control system.

Engraving machine equipment is generally ordinary stuffy fire bed body, guide rail slider is generally 20 types, the countertop structure is mostly aluminum alloy and soft PVC, the driving motor is mostly domestic stepper motor, Rack is also the selection of modulus ratio of 1.25 of the intention rack, the comprehensive performance of these equipment is slow operation, long time heavy load operation will lead to inaccurate accuracy of the step, and even affect the service life of the machine.

Opener is now most of the equipment is double-layer aggravated five-sided milling machine body, stability and firm function relative to engraving machines to improve a lot, and the weight of the whole is more than heavy than carving machine tools and even more, the countertop structure is mostly hard fireproof PVC vacuum adsorption table, the opening machine in order to satisfied with the plate open this high-precision, heavy , most of the selection of 25 or 30 types of square rail slider, and in the XY axial are equipped with reducer, Z axial equipment has lock equipment, rack is also mostly selected 1.5 mesh, drive motor is also a domestic hybrid servo, closed-loop pure servo may import servo motor, so not only satisfactory speed, high precision specifications, More satisfied with the requirements of long-time processing, progress in processing efficiency.

In addition is the two spindle equipment above, engraving machine is generally a small power water-cooled spindle may be small power air-cooled spindle, generally 1.5kw, 2.2kw, 3.2kw and so on. and the opener in order to be able to cut the plate at high speed, most equipped with high-power air-cooled spindle, the common 4.5KW,6KW,9KW,12KW and so on.

In the system, engraving machine is generally Weihong board control system may be four-axis machine handle control system, and many manufacturers are equipped with pirated cards, although the price is low, but also prone to some problems. The opener rarely uses pirated systems, most of which are Shenzhen Mountain Dragon, Shanghai Weihong, Taiwan Bao Yuan may be the new generation of Intelligent Panel control system. This also makes the function of the machine much more optimized than the engraving machine.