How to choose a suitable laser disassembly machine
- 2019-02-20-

Laser Screen Disassembly machineInto the crowd vision has also been a period of time, according to the small part of the understanding, a lot of people because of the laser disassembly machine is not so understanding, but also just wait and see, slow to start, the following small series to help us to analyze, how to choose a suitable laser disassembly machine, the selection of laser disassembly machine demand is mainly favored which points?

The first more important is the quality of laser disassembly machine products. In fact, the laser disassembly machine is the most important point is the accuracy, to ensure the accuracy of the Together, field mirror and vibration mirror selection, the accuracy can be controlled as far as possible in the Zui of small range. According to the product itself, more use of the auxiliary tools is better, can be put on the positioning board with positioning strips, positioning molds and other auxiliary tools, mobile phones and other objects will be more accurately positioned.

The second is the data aspect, the manufacturer provides each type of mobile phone data, can save the mobile phone manufacturer several people a large part of the time. In fact, the use of laser disassembly machine in the course of a slightly more troublesome is the use of computer software parts, if there is accurate data output, post-maintenance can also be a lot of convenience.

After Zui to say is the service and after-sales, because the laser disassembly machine device and the use of some accuracy of the debugging, so there is a good after-sales service is very important, in the device to understand the laser disassembly machine sent together, can have to understand their skills of people tutoring, you can quickly understand the use of machines, but also avoid taking less detours.

1, laser disassembly machine principle is the use of laser penetration of the screen glass cover will be in the frame or glass back cover of the glue ablation, will not form physical damage to the screen.

2, a variety of dry stream mobile phones can be disassembled, built-in a variety of drawings, accurate positioning, do not hurt the liquid crystal and line.

3, 20W foot power laser, high cutting efficiency, resistance to use.

4, portable fuselage planning, convenient movement, saving the use of space.

Today's small part to share with us here, Nanjing Weifu has been to provide quality service as its mission, in the laser Disassembly machine range of technology is also more mature, welcome to the laser disassembly machine interested people come to consult to understand.