What is the basis for choosing a wood engraving machine tool?
- 2019-02-20-

Wood processing machinery. It is divided into three control methods: first, all the operation work by the computer control end, engraving machine in the work of the computer in the working conditions, can not carry out other typesetting work, may be due to computer misoperation and the formation of waste products, the second is the choice of single-chip control, engraving machine work can be typesetting, but can not close the computer, Can reduce the computer misoperation of the formation of waste products, the third is the use of USB port transmission data, the system has more than 32M of memory capacity, save files can be completely detached from the computer, closed computer or other typesetting, can greatly improve work efficiency.

One.Wood engraving MachineSelection of milling cutter based on

1. Properties of the cutting material: wood cutting is aimed at solid wood and wood composites. Solid wood can also be divided into soft, hard and modified wood, etc. wood composites include veneer laminates, plywood, particleboard, directional particleboard, large particle board, Gypsum particleboard, cement particleboard, rigid fiberboard, MDF, high-density fiberboard, fine Carpenter board, glued material and so on. Some wood or wood composite workpieces are also decorated with single-sided or double-sided veneer.

2. Cutting direction: When solid wood cutting, according to the direction of the blade relative to the wood fiber, the wood cutting is divided into longitudinal, transverse, end and longitudinal end, vertical and horizontal cutting.

3. Tool reversal direction and feed direction: According to the reversal direction of the tool shaft of the machine tools and the direction of the feed of the wood workpiece, the tilt direction of the blade on the cutter is determined.

4. Tool and workpiece Stability: the stability of the tool and workpiece in the cutting process contains several aspects of the content, the stability of the workpiece refers to the wood workpiece in the machining smooth feed without the occurrence of beating. The main measures taken to strengthen the stability of the workpiece are to reduce the center of gravity of the workpiece and increase the contact area.

5. Processing appearance quality requirements: Wood workpiece appearance quality includes appearance roughness, a few dimensions and shape azimuth accuracy.

Precautions for use:

1, after the engraving azimuth, the X, Y, Z axis workpiece coordinates must be classified as "0".

2, adjust the engraving speed and spindle motor speed, to prevent carving when the speed is too fast, the speed is too slow and break the knife.

3, automatic to the knife, pay attention to the knife block must be insulated from the Engraving machine aluminum table.

4, carving, if the di a knife is not sure or afraid of error, can put the speed of the knife slow down, feel that the carving is normal and then back to normal, but also in the empty way to simulate the carving, to see if it is normal.

5, if you do not use wood engraving machine for a long time, should be timed weekly refueling idling, as far as possible for each week to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

6, the requirements of the wood engraving machine continuous operation time of 10 hours/day; To ensure the cleaning of cooling water and the normal operation of the pump, can not make water-cooled spindle motor shortage phenomenon, regular replacement of cooling water, in order to prevent the water temperature is too high, circulating water as much as possible, can change large capacity water tank.

7, each use of wood engraving machine end, to pay attention to finishing, must be the channel and transmission system dust finishing clean, timing of the transmission system X, Y, Z three axes of smooth refueling.

8, operators as far as possible in the operation of wood engraving machine to wear dust masks and protective glasses, in order to prevent dust occurring during processing and other intrusion into the human body, the formation of discomfort.

9, wood engraving machine daily protection methods in the wood engraving machine with a certain amount of dust and dust removal equipment, the selection of dust removal equipment supporting the use.