The high precision of wood engraving machine can be reflected in what aspects
- 2019-02-20-

CNC machine tools are more and more used in actual production, CNCWood engraving MachineIt is also used as a classification of CNC machine tools to the carpenter machinery industry and other occupations. CNC wood engraving machine high-speed, high processing, so that people more flash need CNC wood engraving machine, high precision, high speed, high strength of CNC engraving machine is expected.

is due to the shopping malls on the CNC wood engraving machine flash demand, so that more engraving machine manufacturers see CNC wood engraving machine shopping malls space. So a lot of engraving machine manufacturers under the guise of CNC wood engraving machine, will be a variety of engraving machine affixed with CNC wood engraving machine brand, sold to customers, and such a mixed engraving machine, if used in other occupations, may be able to use, but the use of carpenter's occupation, immediately on the show. As a result of the real CNC wood engraving machine, its own accessories, software, assembly and other requirements are very high, is not a simple machine tool plus software parts. Therefore, the purchase of CNC wood engraving machine customers, must recognize the performance of CNC wood engraving machine and requirements, and then to select CNC Wood engraving machine. Here, the wood engraving machine R & amp; D Department experts pointed out that the real CNC wood engraving machine should have a bit of structure and characteristics:

CNC Engraving machine is mainly for the carpenter furniture manufacturing industry, advertising signboard Industry, the construction of model industry and the design of large-scale computer engraving machine, in the fine carving together greatly improve the speed of processing, applicable to carpenter relief doors and windows, Staircase Roman column, traditional furniture, craft coffee table, national characteristics of carpenter art, a variety of high-end wood, organic board, PVC board and other data for large-sided milling edge open and engraving, cutting and so on.

Features: Equipped with three-dimensional scanning head, three-dimensional scanning + five-dimensional engraving = one-machine dual-use.

CNC Engraving machine structure features:

1, CNC wood engraving machine selection of rectangular linear guide rail, slider with pre-tightening without clearance, high rigidity of the structure of the chassis, imported ball screw, good stability during processing, high control accuracy, machine tool sensation is small;

2, CNC wood engraving machine is suitable for sheet metal processing, such as carpenter furniture manufacturing industry, carpenter handicraft manufacturing industry, advertising signboard processing industry;

3, CNC wood engraving machine unique probe three-dimensional scanning copy system, can quickly scan the shape of a messy model into a modifiable data curve

4, CNC wood engraving machine three tools three-axis linkage system, feida such a design, can let CNC wood engraving machine together to process three products, suitable for mass production, convenient and easy to save.

This is CNC wood engraving machine zui basic configuration, so, to buy CNC wood engraving machine customers, must go to CNC wood engraving machine manufacturers to investigate, look at the strength of engraving machine manufacturers, engraving machine production workmanship, as well as engraving machine assembly, engraving machine parts and so on, And see for yourself whether the samples carved out by the engraving machine fit their requirements and so on. Therefore, the purchase of CNC wood engraving machine must be cautious.