A brief talk about acrylic engraving machine can be applied to which industries?
- 2019-02-20-

Acrylic engraving MachineAcrylic laser engraving machine can be processed materials including acrylic, double color board, PVC, ABS board, Stone, imitation stone, metal, aluminum plate and other materials. Following our understanding and mastery of acrylic engraving machine, its use of the industry is more and more extensive.

Acrylic engraving machine, acrylic laser engraving machine use industry:

Advertising industry: carving, cutting all kinds of signs, seat signs, marble, copper, pattern, font, all kinds of signs, trademarks and other acrylic materials.

Handicraft Industry: Acrylic handicrafts, souvenirs on engraving all kinds of text, graphics, crystal art carving, dial.

Mold Processing: Building model, carmine model, bronzing mold, motor, wave mold, micro-injection mold, shoe mold, badge, embossing mold, biscuits, chocolate, sugar bar mold.

Seal industry: can be in the horn, plastic, organic plate, wood, storage pad and other materials easy to engraving the seal.

This product has easy carving, easy to coloring paint, excellent adhesion, products have done the appearance of the process, so the late carving site to do color paint no longer need to deal with the appearance, so simple operation, low processing costs, and has no deformation, no taste, moisture-proof performance and other advantages.

So now we're going to share the little good way we've summed it up, and let's benefit more:

One of the good ways: because the appearance of the workpiece before engraving instant paste, so when filling the color can be centering operation. Direct selection of brush hand fill color, save paint, save workers, the effect is not bad.

Good method Two: carving settings as far as possible to choose three-dimensional carving (some people said: two-dimensional semi-carving) plan, choose 90 degrees of conical knife for carving, so that the visual weakening of the Shenzhen acrylic Plate carving surface of the rough feeling.

Good method Three: engraving settings, do not appear layered carving, one-time set to Zui good depth, can be achieved by changing the tool. This is because the layered carving will appear overlapping marks, affecting the carving part of the smoothness of paint.

Good method Four: Choose from the paint fill color, should first spray paint in the paper cup static 15 minutes before using the brush dipped in color to fill the coating. Otherwise, a highly corrosive diluent in self-painting can damage the paint appearance of the workpiece.

The above is Shenzhen acrylic for us to sort out the small good method, there are more ways, welcome us to come to make up.