A brief analysis of the classification and characteristics of advertisement engraving machine
- 2019-02-20-

Advertising engraving MachineDivided into small power engraving machine and high-power engraving machine two categories. Advertising engraving machine commonly used carving: Chest card, modeling, steel mold, engraving, furniture engraving, gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, signboards, signage manufacturing, hand plate, punching, printing factory knife mold, advertising word cut, carving advertising light box manufacturing and so on.

From the functional point of view, advertising engraving machine is divided into small power engraving machine and high-power engraving machine two categories. Small power engraving machine refers to the engraving motor less power of the engraving machine, because of its engraving motor power is small, each time can only be used for cutting surface less precision machining. For example: Chest card, sandplay model, handicraft surface processing and so on. This type of engraving machine can not carry out high-power carving and cutting. High-power engraving machine refers to carving motor power in more than 700W engraving machine. This type of engraving machine can not only carry out small power carving, but also can carry out high-power carving. For example: the manufacture of crystal characters, all kinds of advertising signs, plate irregular material molding, artificial stone processing and so on. Because of its high power, it is possible to cut 30mm thick plexiglass at a time, perhaps with a molding knife for high-power molding carving. Some users do not know that the engraving machine has high power and small power, after watching the demonstration of high-power engraving machine, because of the difficulties in funding, bought a slightly lower price of small power engraving machine. The results can only carve each piece of the lack of two yuan of chest card (some areas only a few cents a), for plexiglass signs and other high-power carving can only see others to do. The same capital contribution, the same market cost, the same operation and other personnel compensation, but 80% of the carving business can not do, not only reduce their own benefits, but also in the peer competition in a very unlucky position. This point in the selection of engraving machine, is sure to pay attention to. If you are using in this industry, be sure to buy engraving machines that can perform high-power carvings to satisfy the needs of the industry.

1, high processing accuracy, low noise, long service life.

2, high-power constant torque spindle, bearing large, high speed, large cutting capacity, and the motor is not easy to damage.

3, computer operating system, reactive, high stability, and simple and convenient operation.

4, the general bed, not easy to deform, the selection of full welding process and through the vibration aging treatment, to ensure that the machine in the high-speed operation is not quivering.