What are the advantages of laser disassembly machines compared to traditional machines?
- 2019-02-20-

  Laser Screen Disassembly machine, is the screen repair practitioners in order to remove the screen box or mobile phone glass back cover, will use in the laser marking range of the laser marking machine through the modification, applied to the mobile phone repair range equipment, with lasers to knock off the screen box glue, the box and screen respectively. Some of the functions of the laser disassembly machine instead of the previous commonly used heating machine, ultra-low temperature disassembly refrigerator and other separate equipment, and compared with the traditional two machines before, what are the advantages of laser disassembly machine? Unlock which disassembly "new posture"?

No physical contact, accurate drawing, high safety factor

In this rapid era, the rapid expansion of science and technology, mobile phone technology scope is also closely follow the footsteps of the years, continuous replacement, waterproof, anti-fall and a series of functions have become standard for the quality of mobile phones. Then the problem comes, the screen box is with waterproof glue and LCD screen seamless bonding, which leads to our separate LCD screen difficulty, now the market widely used to choose thermal and cold points, these two separate methods, although each has its own advantages, but there are certain risks. The principle of the laser disassembly machine is to use lasers to penetrate the screen glass cover and melt the glue on the box in the screen. As long as the drawings are manufactured accurately, the risk factor will be very low, the safety factor is high.

Low power, low disassembly cost

Laser disassembly machine A wide range of power in 20W or so, the choice of 20W power, not only can play the effect of disassembly screen, but also because of high power and increase the cost. This power, compared with heating separate machine and ultra-low temperature disassembly refrigerator, electricity consumption can be said to be very few. In terms of price, although the price of laser disassembly machine will be relatively more expensive than the traditional disassembly machine, but the laser disassembly machine in the process of disassembly, will not be consumables, the cost of disassembly screen is low. And because the laser disassembly machine structure is simple, the late repair cost will not be too high.

Simple operation, fast disassembly speed

Laser disassembly machine operation is actually relatively simple, with our commonly used printer use method is similar, install software, and then use the computer drawing after connecting the machine, you can accurately automatically disassemble the operation. Other laser disassembly machine speed is also relatively fast, generally a screen to hit the laser time about 30 seconds, very suitable for people with a lot of disassembly needs, very useful to save time Chengen.

The above is a small summary of the laser disassembly machine compared to the traditional disassembly machine some advantages, I hope to assist those who are interested in laser disassembly machine industry, but also hope that with the technical sophistication, laser disassembly machine can be more widely used in the mobile phone repair range.