Do you know the correct way to use the stone engraving machine?
- 2019-02-20-

 Stone Engraving MachineThe correct use of the work environment, maintenance and protection, software use, processing problems of these four aspects, grasp the requirements of these four aspects, not only can improve the efficiency of stone engraving machine, but also to ensure the safety of work.

(i) Working environment

Stone engraving machine for high-tech mechatronics equipment, the working environment has certain requirements.

1. Avoid strong electricity, strong magnetism and other serious impact on the engraving machine signal transmission equipment. such as: Welding machine, launch tower and so on.

2. Use three-core power supply to ensure a good grounding of the engraving machine, reduce interference.

3. Voltage requirements are stable, avoid large rugged fluctuations, try to use the regulator.

4. Machines cannot work long hours in strong acid, strong alkali environments.

(ii) Maintenance and protection

Engraving machine is mostly used in processing services, processing produced more powder, dust. So pay attention to the maintenance of engraving machine and protection engraving machine. Use should pay attention to adhere to the screws, rails and other components of cleaning and smooth, timely cleaning dust and transmission components refueling; Jinan engraving machine operators to timely cleaning, refueling, strictly prohibit the use of plug-in.

(iii) Use of software

The engraving machine has a lot of engraving software available for use. such as: Hua Jie carving, Casmate-pro, Caxa, Mastercam, Artcam, Smartcam, Type3, etc., in order to meet your carving requirements, please choose the correct operating software.

(iv) Processing issues

1, the rationality of the processing process

Machining Accuracy In addition to engraving machine to ensure that, reasonable processing technology is also very important. In order to ensure the accuracy of processing, please pay attention to the rationality of the processing process. Stone Study Society (micro Signal stone5A)

2, tool use

The machining accuracy is affected by the manufacturing process and precision of the tool itself. Therefore, when machining, please select the tool suitable for processing.

3. Operators

Operator's proficiency and sense of responsibility also have a great impact on machining accuracy. Customer operators require technical secondary education, and has a skilled computer operation of the root, in the training process should be skilled grasp for different material selection of different carving speed and the use of different tools, this often requires the experience of the heap, grasp well, the extension of the machine and tool life has great advantages.

Stone engraving machine for the correct use of instructions, stone engraving machine every time the machine used, to pay attention to finishing, must be the channel and transmission system dust finishing clean, timing (weekly) on the transmission system (X.Y.Z three axes) smooth refueling.