Do you know how to buy a high cost-effective laser marking machine?
- 2019-02-20-

With the rapid evolution of science and technology, many manufacturers in the gradual screening of old production equipment, from the original on the product affixed or sprayed logo, gradually by a new marking method replaced,Laser Marking MachineAs now more advanced marking equipment, gradually into the eyes of people, more and more people are recognized.

Laser marking machine One of the more important features, is that it is engraved with the picture and font precision beautiful and never fade. Because the fiber optic laser marking machine small size, easy to operate, maintenance-free and long service life, stable performance of the advantages of high-end, and the price of equipment can also be accepted by the public, adapt to the needs of production development, and gradually replace other marking equipment on the market. Now the large size of small producers of laser marking machine equipment companies are very many. So how to choose a cost-effective fiber laser marking machine? Nanjing Corfu Laser makes a simple analysis for you:

First we have to consider what material to play on the label. According to the different laser occurrence, now the laser marking machine has a semiconductor laser marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine and other types. In the meantime, the use of optical fiber laser marking machine is relatively wide, in addition to metal materials can be used more, there are some non-metallic data can also be marked; Carbon dioxide marking machine is suitable for some wood, leather, plastic and other materials, UV marking machine for some special plastic, glass material, its marking effect is better than the previous two, The relative price will also be a little higher relative.

Secondly, it is also based on the size of the product you want to play, the weight to resolution you want to choose the all-in-one machine is still split machine. Cheng Guang lasers now have several different racks, such as portable handheld, all-in-one and split. Also, when you choose the marking machine you need, you also have to choose the appropriate equipment and equipment according to the scale of the target. For the selection of laser marking size, it is not the bigger the better. Only the right one is Zui good. In the selection of laser marking equipment, there is to consider after-sales service this piece, quality is the manufacturer equipment collocation, production details and production concept resolution. and perfect after-sales service centering purchase guarantee.

Nanjing Corfu Optical Laser Equipment is a professional laser marking machine manufacturers, the production of laser marking machine quality and reliable, you are welcome to consult.