Tips for wood engraving machines in the process of use
- 2019-02-20-

  Wood engraving MachineIn the carving process, the carvings are often misplaced, and we are often distressed to say to our customers that their belongings have been damaged during the carving process.

Again, in order to prevent these problems, we go through the following actions to explain the trick:

1, check the engraving of the use of pliers or card head is wrong? At the same time, the wear condition of the pliers or chuck of the wood engraving machine will also lead to the dislocation of the engraved object. If the pliers or chuck is too tight, touching the engraved object at the head of the knife will also cause the engraving to pop up.

2, for those unruly shape of the engraved objects, the surface seems to have been fixed very tight, when under pressure will also wobble back and forth. At this point, you can try to pad some scrap under the object to increase the conflict. The other is to keep the packaging of the goods, although the object is unruly shape, but its own packaging may be very regular, and easy to be fixed, coupled with a small strap, unruly shape of the object is easy to be fixed. Or try something to fix the parts of its rules and discard its unruly parts.

3, the engraving under the pressure if it is very large, consider whether you must use a conical knife nose, if the wood engraving machine Diamond Head in the carving process when the pressure is too large, the pressure on the side of the east and West will cause the movement of the engraved objects. If you use an incorrect diamond knife, it can cause the same problem. A 90 or 100 degree diamond knife will be deepened by carving, allowing the subject to move during the carving process.

Daily maintenance and protection of wood engraving machine

1. Before starting the first check whether the parts in the normal position, the moving parts are intact, the guide rail has oil lubrication, and then the boot bottom speed turn 1-2 minutes, investigate whether there are abnormal conditions, such as the normal operation of the machine tools can be carried out;

2. The working condition selects the cutter, the speed, the incoming knife quantity, the processing speed and the smooth, the inverse milling direction;

3. The entire processing process can not use hands or rags and other debris touch is rolling tool, in the packing stone powder to ensure that the tool completely stop the work talent eradication;

4. End of work, turn off the power supply, eradicate all parts of the stone powder, debris. Other related auxiliary things need to be placed in the restore;

5. Punctuality (according to the use of the status) to pack the dust in the electrical box, check the terminal screws are loose, in order to ensure the safety of the machine circuit, secure use;

6. Work surface and guide rail daily scrub clean, can not have stone powder, oil impurities and so on;

7. Continuous work to ensure the cleanliness of cooling water and the normal operation of the cooler, can not make water-cooled spindle motor shortage phenomenon, punctual replacement of cooling water, in order to prevent the water temperature is too high;

8. Punctuality according to the use of the status) to check whether the machine parts screws loose, in order to ensure that the machine is secure;

9. The end of each machine use, to pay attention to clean up, must be the platform and transmission system dust clean, punctual (weekly) to the transmission system (X,Y,Z,A,C and other axes) lubrication refueling;

10. If the machine is not used for a long time, should be punctual (weekly) refueling empty, in order to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system;

11. Spindle, workbench and rail surface to prevent blows and shocks, workbench and track surface must not be misplaced things and blanks and unrelated workpieces or articles;