Analysis on the performance characteristics of multifunctional engraving machine
- 2019-02-20-

      Multifunctional engraving machine, with a rotating shaft, countertop with a sink, if necessary to the plate relief, flat carving, hollowed carving, rotating carving words, can choose this device. can also be carved marble, granite and other stone.

1, all steel structure welding tempering aging treatment, strong non-deformation. Gantry type movement, working countertop fixed, can be arbitrary processing of the work on the surface of the material.

2, GF-1325 engraving machine is currently a high cost-effective economy products, optional domestic 4.5KW water-cooled electric spindle (optional imported Italian HSD or GC Columbus Electric spindle, plus removable rotary shaft, can be machined cylindrical products.

3, Y axis selection of dual motor drive, select pairing, to ensure smooth movement.

4, the selection of high-precision gear rack drive, speed acceleration, increased accuracy.

5, the selection of imported square linear Guide rail, to ensure the high precision of the machine and can withstand heavy loads.

6, processing speed, high efficiency, space speed up to 30000mm/min, in the wave plate engraving processing, can reach 20000mm/min high-speed.

7, rotating shaft selection machine tool chuck (positive and negative claws) and rear thimble. Rear thimble movement with Taiwan Yintai Square Linear Guide Rail, concentric degree is extremely accurate. Chassis is the selection of ZL-102 all casting finishing. Zui large machining parts can be up to 200 mm in diameter, up to 1200 mm in length, can be machined with components up to 50 kg, and equipped with workpiece balance rollers.

8, in the equipment platform can be placed 2 2012-type rotary shaft, in the non-processing of cylindrical workpieces, the rotating shaft can be unloaded, plane carving.

Engraving speed: Engraving speed refers to the speed at which the laser head moves, generally using IPS (inches/sec) to show that high speed brings high productivity. Speed is also used to control the depth of the incision, and for a particular laser strength, the slower the speed, the greater the depth of the cut or carving. You can use the Engraving machine panel to adjust the speed, or you can use the computer's operating software to adjust the speed. Within 1% to a range, the adjustment fluctuation is 1%. The motor's motion control system allows you to still get ultra-fine engraving quality when carving at high speed. Vector incision is different from dot-matrix engraving, and vector incision is carried out on the outer contour line of graphic and text. We generally use this mode in wood, acrylic, paper and other materials for penetrating cutting, but also in a variety of materials on the outside of the marking operation.