Analysis on what problems need to be noticed in laser disassembly machine
- 2019-02-20-

Over the past few months,Laser Screen Disassembly machineFired hot, we have to buy laser disassembly machine used to remove the screen box, a few happy a few worries, not all the purchase of laser disassembly machine are used, there is no look after worry, some of the machine bought back soon can be familiar with the operation of the machine, put into normal production, some take the machine home, Because the use of the machine is not clear, by the machine toss for a month are not good, small knitting just began to contact the laser disassembly machine is the same, took a lot of time to be completely clear machine equipment functions and drawings of the manufacture. The following is a small series on the use of Prospect Xing portable laser disassembly machine summed up a few issues, I hope to help you.

First, the installation of hardware and software. After the laser disassembly machine to buy back the first to install hardware and software, hardware is relatively simple, the rear of the chassis has two interfaces, respectively, the power socket and data cable socket, connecting the computer and power socket, just plug in not loose can be. Software, first installed the USB driver, and then the laser disassembly machine operating software copied to the computer directly open to use.

Second, the installation and use of cartographic software. General laser disassembly machine used in the drawing format is PLT and DXF format, and the manufacture of such drawings we generally use CorelDRAW software manufacturing, we in the manufacture of screen assembly drawings at the time of the need to pay special attention to the accuracy, we make drawings before the first to specifically understand the structure of the box in the screen, Where there is glue need to hit the laser, where is the LCD glass and line, need to avoid, we have to specifically measure. If the measurement is not accurate enough, we finished the laser is not to break the screen line is the end of the play is still unable to tell the box down. To cut the error, the small series advocates that everyone buy the caliper to measure, the error can be reduced to less than 0.1 mm.

Three, do not use the screen box has a different way of playing. Generally speaking, the domestic mobile phone screen box is better removed, only the laser after the complete can be removed, and more difficult to remove is iphone8 after the model back cover, these mobile phone cover are selected glass manufacturing, although beautiful together damage is relatively large, it is difficult to remove, we use laser disassembly machine to remove the time is generally to play more than three times, Until you smell the glue on the screen, the glass is hard to tear down.

Laser disassembly machine as a mobile phone repair things, and heating separator and low-temperature disassembly refrigerator is the same, just familiar with its use of the function is very useful, Zui after the small series wish you to learn to use laser disassembly machine at an early date.