What's the effect of the more popular laser disassembly machine?
- 2019-02-20-

Understand the mobile phone screen repair industry people know that the demolition of the screen box has always been the heart of the industry forever pain, from Zui early demolition of Samsung S3 began to soak in white oil, heating separation, as well as minus 100 degrees of ultra-low temperature refrigerator frozen separation, and now the laser separation. We can be described as "Eight immortals across, prowess", the separation of tools is also a variety, cheap with a few dollars of white oil, expensive with more than 10,000 零下180度 ultra-low temperature disassembly refrigerator and laser disassembly machine, what kind of unpacking method is more suitable for us? Xiao Knitting thought this question benevolence, wisdom. There is no standard answer, and there is no good way to zui it. Only Zui is the right way for you. , small parts of the company looking forward to Xing also tried a variety of ways, zui in response to customer demand and launched a portableLaser Screen Disassembly machine, after these days of testing, but also tore down a lot of domestic and iphone screens, the following summed up, came up with some of the experience of understanding, and repair peer sharing.

First of all, the machine we use to remove the box in the screen must buy the laser machine of fiber laser, the power is 20W, the price is too high, too small power can not reach. Whether it is portable or desktop can be, get the machine our preferred connection hardware, device software. The software device includes the operating system and drawing system of the machine. Machine operating system manufacturers will give you a supply, there is a device description, the interface is also simple and clear. Small series want to say is the drawing system, drawing system we generally use the coreiDRAW software, this software trust to the graphic design has a certain understanding of the people are not unfamiliar, with this software to remove our needs of the screen graphics to draw, the local needs of the demolition of the area to paint shadows, Special attention should be paid to the screen line and LCD glass local must avoid, if not avoid, laser will penetrate the glass injury and LCD glass and line, graphics after the preservation of the PLT pattern and DXF pattern, and then poured into the operating system.

Laser disassembly machine operation is actually relatively simple, with our commonly used printer use method is similar, will install software, computer can be used, the difficulty lies in drawing software, if we will not use coreiDRAW software drawing, small series prompts us, later must be manufacturers to supply the market on the main stream of mobile phone drawings, Otherwise the latter is really more troublesome.