Teach you how to choose the right laser disassembly machine
- 2019-02-20-

In recent times, a product called "Laser marking machine" suddenly turned into a net red, overnight on fire. As a so, the sale and productionLaser Screen Disassembly machineMerchants and manufacturers are blooming everywhere. Small part of the know there are more than 10 20, before selling screen repair equipment are also on the horse Laser disassembly machine, as do not sell one to two laser disassembly machine can not keep up with the trend of the times. In fact, the industry insiders know that the so-called Laser disassembly machine is not really anything new, also known as laser marking machine. Only on the basis of the laser marking machine made some appropriate changes to make it more convenient to remove the screen bracket just. Technically it's very mature and there's no big innovation. So there is no need for us to start the laser disassembly machine immediately, how cheap a machine also want more than 10,000. Even if you have enough budget to buy, how do you buy a machine that suits you? Small series based on their own mobile phone screen repair Some years of experience, give us some comments and ideas for our reference.

Screen box and bracket words, must buy power in 20 watts of fiber laser disassembly machine, if the power is too high, the price is more expensive, the power is too small, can not play the effect of disassembling the screen. Secondly, the purchase of a suitable laser disassembly machine, laser disassembly machine is now divided into desktops and portable two kinds, in fact, the difference between the two machines is the difference in size, the function is almost the same, the desktop can be installed computer host and display, portable to other computer host, display. The following figure is a desktop and portable, respectively.

After the Zui is also a very important point, is the phone screen drawings. We are not professional cartographers, each mobile phone screen is required for different drawings, which is the need for laser disassembly machine merchants or manufacturers can provide drawings for a long time, in this small series advocating the selection of mobile phone screen repair equipment manufacturers, because they are already doing this industry, generally can be satisfied with the needs of drawings.

The above suggestions hope to help us, partners also expect us to buy a suitable machine for their own, in this wave of mobile phone screen repair wave to make money.