Mobile Phone Disassembly machine

Mobile Phone Disassembly machine

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When the power supply of the vacuum bonding machine is turned on, the Flash screen will appear in Chinese or English two choice words, choose good words, the top left corner of the screen will appear a manual way, this manual way can be used, in the normal inspection is also manual, click on the manual, will become automatic, this time the machine into the ready to start the way , the parameters in the machine are preset early, the parameters of the disassembly machine is generally not recommended to change at will, to avoid parameter mistakes. Before starting the machine, to ensure that the screen is properly placed, there is no foreign body on the machine tray, in the daily use of mobile phone disassembly machine is recommended or in the daily use of the formation of good habits.

Cell phoneLaser Screen Disassembly machineMachine design and operation are relatively simple, in daily life or the need for mobile phone disassembly machine for daily maintenance and cleaning, extend the service life of the machine, to bring more benefits to the shop.